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About Wyrewood

I started breeding British Shorthairs in 1994, having been introduced to the breed when a Blue Cream (Pasha) came to stay at my boarding cattery.

My foundation stock were Miletree and Wellmar lines and I also received invaluable advice in the early days from Sue Ahern (Chichi) and Jenny Bant (Aspiritous), for which I will always be grateful.

Many years further down the road, I am still breeding and showing my British in a variety of colours and have also been lured into the world of Devon Rex and, more recently, the fabulous Selkirk Rex in both the long and shorthaired varieties.

The following pages show a selection of my cats, past and present, which I hope you will enjoy.

Also, not forgetting ‘Dog’ who has played a major part in most of the kittening. AKA Dolly.

Chris Hazel, Wyrewood

Note: All my breeding cats are PKD, CMS and PRA clear.

kittens dog and cat

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